Jackie and Wes (and I) are a match made in heaven. When we discussed what to do for their engagement session, we had two completely different looks in mind. Having photographed both Michelle and Scott and Diana and Ryan’s engagements at Griffith Park, I knew it was a great please for different looks.  When I suggested it as a location, Jackie explained ‘that’s where we had our first date!’ Perhaps it was the weather, or their spunky personalities, or the fact that they were reliving their first date. Who knows why, but what I do know is that their Griffith Park and Observatory session was out of this world. It was an overcast day, which photographically can be great, and at just the right moments the sun peeked through. It was just chilly enough to deter the usual crowds, and the natural playful energy Jackie and Wes have with each other combined with their comfort with each other and in front of the camera, made for the perfect scenario. They went from playful to glamourous with a simple outfit change!


Congratulations Jackie and Wes!! Thank you for making out so comfortably close to my lens. I am SO excited to be there for you at you wedding in October.


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