Today we marched in unity at the Women’s March LA. Today we marched in unity with seven continents, millions of voices who demand to be cared for, to be protected, to be HEARD when we have something to say.

My march began at 8:45 am at the Canadian Consulate on 6th st and Hope in downtown LA, in three hours we made it through Pershing Square onto 1st and Broadway where we chanted with our city’s leaders and marched further down Broadway to a second stage.

The strongest voice I have speaks through photography and so I photographed. Here are a few of my favorites.

Post update 6:13am Sunday January 22:

Last night I downloaded the photos I took at the march. I was too exhausted to write much of a post so I just uploaded and said ‘this is my voice’

It’s now 6am, the rain is falling once again as it did every other day this week, every other day except for yesterday, when the gates of heaven opened up and the sun shone down on us so we can stand together in unity and say WE WILL NOT be shut down and ignored and treated like we do not matter.

My body hurts, my shoulders are throbbing from carrying my camera and lenses, my throat sore and voice hoarse. My legs are aching, but most of all thought my heart is aching. My heart is aching that as a nation we allowed ourselves to be manipulated, conned and cheated into allowing an administration to come together that threatens our growth, our collective freedom and our democracy.

We Americans live the wealthiest country in the world and we have the obligation to protect the oppressed and lead by example, and I say lead only because we have the recourses to lead with. Why are we in this place?! Why are we in a position that we may lose the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy?!! Why are we in a position where we may lose our right to live healthily without astronomical bills if we fall ill, or the ill unable to care for themselves at all?!?! Why am I seeing 70, 75, 83 year old women marching with signs saying “I can’t believe I still have to do this shit”.

My ache turns to anger so easily, and I’ll tell you one thing President Trump. You are threatening our baby bears. And when baby bears are threatened, MOMMA bear comes out. Yesterday, momma bear came out in an estimated count of 3.2 to 4.2 million strong in our country alone. If you didn’t hear us and are not ready to respect our lives, our safety, our health, our education, our growth as democratic, strong and free leaders of the world, then you will continue to hear us. And if you don’t protect us as your own, and you do in fact act on your campaign promises? You sir, again will continue to hear us, and to see us until you are either impeached or voted out of office.

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