The Importance of Solitude

Photographers play a tricky role when it comes to the idea of ‘self’.

We are constantly observing the outside world. We are looking at expressions and at light. We are listening for stories and constantly seeking out moments that should be captured. I believe most photographers do this all the time, whether a camera in had or otherwise. I do at least.
At the same time, we are standing alone on the other side of the lens. We play a conversation of observance and it’s so easy to forget to look at our own existence and moments of self.

I often forget the importance of Solitude and thankfully it finds me when I need it most. In this case, on a Sunday drive to a wedding location to ‘check out the light’ I’d be working with the coming week. I went with the intension of a scout (which indeed I did) and what I found was an afternoon in child like exploration. Sifting through nature without a timeline and in complete simple thought.

It was so nice, and it was just what I needed. 

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