Step Up “I Dream To…” Photojournalism

My name is Mary Rivera and “I Dream to” … work as a Photographer like Maya Myersphoto by Amy Tierney of f8f11 Images

This is how Mary’s essay begins.. PLEASE click here and read more from this eloquent, gifted, ambitious young woman who I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with last month. As a former instructor to this incredible photography program I can say this as an insider. It is because of organizations such as the Step Up Woman’s Network and the women who belong to, donate to, give their time and energy to it, that teen girls like Mary are given a chance to see their options as professional SUCCESSFUL adult women.

Please join me in supporting Mary and the other talented young photojournalists as they document their explorations of career paths.

A little about the program:

The “I Dream to…” Photojournalism Program helps under-served teens explore careers that they dream to pursue. Step Up Women’s Network draws on its diverse network of professional women to give the students an opportunity to meet with, photograph, and interview a woman in the career field of each student’s dream.
The “I Dream to…” is just one of our teen programs.
Step Up Teen Programs aim to mentor, inspire and empower high school girls in underserved communities to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. We do this through innovative after-school and Saturday enrichment programming that helps girls develop into the “total woman” – one who is confident, college-ready, career-minded and engaged in Step Up’s cycle of philanthropy.
It’s all about the three C’s: College, Career and Confidence!

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