I don’t know if it’s because I call Sibyl and Wixon my dear friends, or because of their sweet story of a love discovered after twenty years of friendship, or for the simple fact that their wedding was so lively and rich with soul. But something about them, and their wedding story melts my heart as it did during their engagement session last month.  Their wedding was sweet and intimate gathering and Sibyl’s uncle’s home in Montecito, CA. A backyard transformed into a vintage 1920’s ‘Downton Abby’ feel filled with candlelight and warmth of smiles, toasts and laughter. I sat through my edits laughing out loud and crying continuously even though I’d seen the images a million times again. I loved being there to document it all. I loved that I got to celebrate their wedding in the way I know best, through my lens.

Thank you Sib and Wix for inviting me to capture it all for you, as it’s an honor for any photographer to be trusted by their loved ones to apply their craft to such and important day. Thank you for becoming my family the past four years here in LA. Thank you for loving my dog, for feeding me on holidays and for a friendship that might as well have started when we first met, 20 years ago. I adore you.. congratulations and enjoy.


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