I feel I have a special bond with Morgan and Cooper and their Millbrook, New York Wedding will always a place in my heart. See, Morgan and I both went to The Millbrook School, a small college preparatory school in upstate New York. Although there at different times we both know many of the same people who both work(ed) and went to school there and most importantly we share the same nostalgic memories and the knowledge that Millbrook is a special place, which helped form who we are today.


I first met Morgan and Cooper when I flew out to the beautiful Boulder Colorado to photograph their engagement session. We explored their favorite spots with their (adorable!!) pup Rowdy, and though already excited to be photographing a fellow alumni’s wedding, I really fell in love while listening to how they met back east, about their journey as a couple, and about their lives in Boulder.


Photographing Morgan and Cooper’s wedding journey couldn’t have been sweeter, just as I had anticipated. Their day started off traditionally, getting ready at separate locations but unified, with the sweet letters they had written for each other. I was incredibly touched by Morgan and Coopers love for each other once more during their personally written vows, and even more so by their love for their family when Cooper invited his brother, and US Marine, and his wife to have their very own ‘first dance’,  having never had a wedding reception of their own. This was a highlight and I could melt all over again watching the love and gratitude everyone in the room felt.


Morgan and Cooper, it was an honor photographing your engagement session in Boulder, your ceremony at ‘our’ Millbrook School, and reception at the Millbrook Golf and Tennis Club. I hold you dear in my hearts and I look forward to witnessing many more of your milestones together. Congratulations with LOVE!!!

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