I usually capitalize the word LOVE when I write, because of the obvious… it’s what I photograph 
best, and it’s what I photographed best at Michelle and Scott’s Griffith Park Observatory and Los Feliz engagement session

When I first met with Michelle and Scott at their home, the first thing I noticed on their wall was the infamous ‘LOVE’ piece, then on Michelle’s facebook page, then in sculpture… and I got it. We were officially a photographer-client match made in heaven and we would have incorporate LOVE into their engagement session at Griffith Park Observatory, aside from the emotions already there of course. Sprinkled in with a few of Michelle’s father’s wedding gifts including ‘His Needs, Her Needs’ book (I am still giggling a bit) I think our mission was accomplished. 

What a sweet sweet afternoon, and a sexy little evening to finish. Congratulations Michelle and Scott, I am SO excited to be documenting your wedding day in just a few short months!!

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