I corresponded with Meredith for almost a year before I met her and Justin at their destination wedding in Lake Tahoe, CA…  every message sent was filled with such kindness and gratitude towards her husband-to-be and mother for their help in planning the wedding around her busy work schedule, and I knew I was in for a treat when their weekend finally came. I was right! 

Meredith and Justin were married at the Sugarbowl Ski Resort just above Doner Lake. The mountain, the views, and the rustic beauty of the lodge were a perfect backdrop visually. Aside the photographers’ heaven I was in aesthetically, hearing their personal connections to the area of studies for the bar exam when they were in law school together, and rock climbing the surrounding peaks made me understand that there was a unique magic to their chosen wedding location. This is a place they hold dear to their hearts not just because of it’s beauty, but because of the building blocks it provided to their relationship. I can see their family gatherings here for years to come, and knowing I could document one their memories here, perhaps the most celebratory, but no less important then the previous or ones to come, warms my heart still as I revisit their day during my edits. 

The staff at Sugarbowl is superb to work with, they know the magic this mountain possesses, and their respect for those who celebrate their love there is immeasurable. A HUGE thank you to Genevieve from Lily Spruce Events for sending such a sweet couple my way and to you Meredith and Justin, thank you for inviting me to document your wedding. And last (but certainly not least!!) thank you to Destination I DO Magazine for featuring the wedding in your Fall 2013 issue!!

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