A few years ago I photographed Mia and Chris’s wedding as an associate for Issa Sharp Photography at a gorgeous home in the Santa Monica hills. I remember thinking to myself throughout the day, ‘I have never seen so many beautiful people in one space in my life!!’. Well, here came number two, Nick, Chris’s brother recently married Marissa at the same home (their mother’s). I expected the same beauty, sweet and natural back yard decor, and the same hilarious sense of humor that came from their large family. The biggest difference this time around came with the kids though, everyone seemed to have multiplied and we had the pleasure of capturing adorable little kidlets running in and out of every nook, adding even more smiles and laughter to the day. It’s a very special experience photographing multiple weddings for the same families, watching them unite and grow is heartwarming and to no surprise it was at this wedding as well.

Marissa and Nick have a endearing bond that is so sweet to witness, and a pleasure to document. Their smiles are contagious and I am so lucky to have been invited to photograph their wedding. Congratulations to you both!!


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