Linda and Sean – Venice Beach Canals Engagement Session

Man, do I feel lucky.
I feel like that should be my whole blog post… but I won’t do that, at the risk of sounding like a braggart please allow me to explain myself. My luck stems from a ‘gratitude luck’. A luck that the Venice Beach Canals are just minutes away (and we don’t have to fly to Italy to create these images!). Luck that the sunsets in Southern California are INSANE with beauty this time of year. Most of all, luck (and gratitude) that I have the coolest clients in the world. 
Linda and Sean you are playful, you are lovable (and loving), you are fearless and welcoming and I cannot WAIT to capture your wedding this coming May. Saddle Rock Ranch you don’t know what’s comin’ your way but I’ll tell you, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Congratulations Linda and Sean!
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  1. angel swanson

    stunning!!! linda, that blue is your color! xo

  2. Unknown

    love the colors and pictures!
    may i ask if a permit is required to take pictures at the Venice Beach Canal?

  3. maya|myers Photography

    Hello ‘Unknown’!
    Thank you so much! As far as I know you do not need a permit, I’ve photographed there many times and have never had a problem. What I would suggest however is to be respectful of people’s private property. Most are very friendly so if you see a great back yard, or dock with a boat and the owner is around I’d ask their permission. Good luck!!

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