Kristen and Matt’s Engagement session at El Matador Beach, Malibu

Ok can I please scream to the world that I am in LOVE with Kristen and Matt?! I mean I know that when two people have spent as long as they have together (since high school!) they begin to finish each other’s sentences. But by the middle of an engagement session for us to do so with ideas for shots and scenes, now THAT is a match made in heaven between photographer and client.
I knew thatEl Matador Beach was a major hot spot for engagement shoots so I suggested to K + M for us to do the e-session on Monday. Little did I know, so did at least four other photographers. I found it quite amusing though to be floating around each other bustling to catch the golden hour in the perfect spots. We seemed to be the busiest floaters though, changing locations multiple times and of course the last ones standing, or laying down, in the water, soaking wet…
Oh, and just to add the sweetest note, the two hearts they’re holding (towards the middle/bottom of the post) are from Valentines Day during High School. If that doesn’t shout commitment and adornment then I don’t know what does.
Kristen and Matt, I say at every engagement preview post, but every time with renewed excitement. I cannot WAIT to document your wedding day this fall!!

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