Kristen and Matt ~ Wedding at Bella Victorian Vineyards

Every few months over the course of the year I received a text with a photo of a wedding detail. Like an antique key or something with teal blue lace or peacock feathers…  And every one of these ‘teasers’ kept me on my toes with anticipation for Kristen and Matt’s big day. When it all came to life I was simply put, in LOVE. I have to give incredible Kudos toBella Victorian Vineyards for presenting the perfect backdrop, to Flour LA for creating the most unique floral bouquets I’ve every seen (seriously, you’ll see below), Marieve Herrington Bandfor their sweet melodies, and to Stacey ofStacey Lynn Designsfor pulling it all together seamlessly, most of all the biggest Kudos goes to Kristen herself, for her vision of a wedding, unique in style and persona.
Even more wonderful to witness then the details, or capture as a photographer would put it, was the unity of a romance that started back in high-school almost eleven years ago. Theirs is such a sweet sweet story that has a certain timeless feel to it. Kristen and Matt remind me of my grandparents who were married for 62 years, who never spent a day apart and held hands through it all. I want to shout out (at the top of my lungs) a huge thank you to Heather for adding talents in associate shooting with me and to Megan for boldly manning the fabulous photo booth (that Kristen also designed!).
I have had so much FUN spending time with Kristen and Matt (especially since Matt LOVES hamming it up for the camera and it’s not often I get a groom that does as much as him!).  But not just because of that. They are true, and real, and a ball to be around. I wish 62 years and more to hold hands and dance and make funny faces at the camera. Congratulations to you!!

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  1. Rob

    Great photos Maya!

  2. maya|myers Photography

    Thank you Bob!!!

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