Diana and Ryan – Engagement Session at Elysian Park and Griffith Observatory

Well here we have it folks, sweet Diana and Ryan’s engagement session at Griffith Park Observatory in beautiful Los Angeles. And it was beautiful.. we couldn’t have asked for a more luscious day with clouds that served as a giant soft-box for the session and by far the most exquisite sunset I myself have ever seen. Diana and Ryan were hesitant at first to have an engagement session and I think our purpose has been served.. there was not one image where they seemed as ‘unsure about having the camera following them’ in the collection. In fact, as I anticipated this ‘live make-out session’ or ‘date with your photographer’ shows the exact opposite. What I saw was a loving couple who reveled in their enjoyment of each other’s company, and that my friends, makes me smile.


Diana and Ryan I am delighted to have spent the afternoon with you and I can only imagine how wonderful of a celebration your wedding will be in April!!

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