El Capitan Canyon Wedding Photography – Alanna and Tom

I’m not so sure how to begin this post about Alanna and Tom’s wedding weekend other then by stating how pure it was. Pure I mean, by the sense of lightness, fun, and total presence throughout their wedding day.
Alanna and Tom married each other at the El Capitan Canyon Resort, on a (planned) camping weekend!! I am totally booking my next local vacation there, as this up-scale camping site is the perfect setting for this nature loving city girl. What was unique about their wedding day was first, their wedding details. Now I’m not talking about Alanna’s sweet bouquet, or the hand made cloth flowers and the few planned touches who were created with such love and creativity, I’m talking about the wedding day details that came out of nature and the incredible beauty of the grounds which accented the day to perfection. Thanks to my incredibly talented associate Kris, so much of it was captured with ease.

Alanna and Tom kept the emphasis of their wedding at the playful laidback ‘camping trip like’ feel. At the ceremony from the live performances or their talented friends and Buddhist officiant, onto the reception of home-made bunt cakes (which were delicious!!!) to the square dancing instruction and multi-musical- river-dance-talented band who blew us all away. I know, I had trouble catching my breath after that one too. It was mind blowing I’ll say it again!
Well done Alanna and Tom. Well done for showing even us photographic witnesses a fabulous time. You are both SUCH incredible people. Alanna I’ve enjoyed knowing you professionally over the past five years and I am so incredibly grateful to have been invited to share and document your wedding day with Tom. It was a blessed day, to its purest sense.
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  1. Anonymous

    These are stunning, absolutely beautiful and unique photographs that truly capture the spirit of the day and the pure and delightful spirit of the bride and groom!

    Thanks for sharing! I wasn’t there but I feel like I was thanks to these photographs.


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