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Kristen and Dan – Engagement session at El Matador Beach, Malibu

Having photographed quite a few engagement and family sessions at El Matador Beach before, I love the challenge of finding a new approach each time I return. It is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit and shoot at, with it’s coves and scenic views, and in hearing Kristen and Dan’s ideas of what type of images they wanted for their save the date cards I knew it was the perfect spot for them. They envisioned a romantic setting with a glamorous feel, but with comfort to showcase their love.

Kristen and Dan win the best troopers award of the season. What was planned as a sunny afternoon and sunset beach engagement session was all that… except for the sun! And that meant it was cold, and (for their grand finale shot) wet. All worth it though and they did it with smiles and love, and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple to spend the evening with. I am SOOO excited for their wedding in October at the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vinyards!!!


Sibyl and Wixon’s Montecito, CA Estate Wedding

I don’t know if it’s because I call Sibyl and Wixon my dear friends, or because of their sweet story of a love discovered after twenty years of friendship, or for the simple fact that their wedding was so lively and rich with soul. But something about them, and their wedding story melts my heart as it did during their engagement session last month.  Their wedding was sweet and intimate gathering and Sibyl’s uncle’s home in Montecito, CA. A backyard transformed into a vintage 1920′s ‘Downton Abby’ feel filled with candlelight and warmth of smiles, toasts and laughter. I sat through my edits laughing out loud and crying continuously even though I’d seen the images a million times again. I loved being there to document it all. I loved that I got to celebrate their wedding in the way I know best, through my lens.

Thank you Sib and Wix for inviting me to capture it all for you, as it’s an honor for any photographer to be trusted by their loved ones to apply their craft to such and important day. Thank you for becoming my family the past four years here in LA. Thank you for loving my dog, for feeding me on holidays and for a friendship that might as well have started when we first met, 20 years ago. I adore you.. congratulations and enjoy.

Marissa and Nick – Santa Monica wedding photographer

A few years ago I photographed Mia and Chris’s wedding as an associate for Issa Sharp Photography at a gorgeous home in the Santa Monica hills. I remember thinking to myself throughout the day, ‘I have never seen so many beautiful people in one space in my life!!’. Well, here came number two, Nick, Chris’s brother recently married Marissa at the same home (their mother’s). I expected the same beauty, sweet and natural back yard decor, and the same hilarious sense of humor that came from their large family. The biggest difference this time around came with the kids though, everyone seemed to have multiplied and we had the pleasure of capturing adorable little kidlets running in and out of every nook, adding even more smiles and laughter to the day. It’s a very special experience photographing multiple weddings for the same families, watching them unite and grow is heartwarming and to no surprise it was at this wedding as well.

Marissa and Nick have a endearing bond that is so sweet to witness, and a pleasure to document. Their smiles are contagious and I am so lucky to have been invited to photograph their wedding. Congratulations to you both!!

Karen and Jay – Trump Soho Manhattan Wedding Photography

Karen and Jay held their wedding at Trump Soho in Lower Manhattan and I had the honor, the pleasure and adventure of being their photographer. We galloped and trotted through weekend traffic from the cobblestone Soho streets all the way to the Penthouse apartment suites for their portraits and celebrated with incredible views at the Sohi Room on the 46th floor. I could not have hoped for better summer New York weather and seeing the joy in Karen and Jay’s smiles brought the day to a seamless capture.


Karen and Jay, I have always enjoyed your company. Karen our lunch dates in New York almost ten years ago (wow!), rooftop crab, champagne and outings in Los Angeles.. and finally your wedding celebrations. It’s all made me realize that through little snippets of time you’ve been a part of my path as much as I have yours and I only hope that my gratitude to you shines through your collection of photographs. I love your miles and I love capturing you. Congratulations and enjoy!!

Marina Del Rey Parasailing – birthday post of a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Yesterday during my five-minute drive from the beach to my house, I caught a snippet from ‘Ira Glass - This American life’ on NPR. They were talking about the difference in people who choose flight verses invisibility.  The show was about superheroes, there must have been a reason I landed on that specific snippet.


I had quite a whirlwind of a week, and perhaps many of my weeks stir around but this was a big week and I must have been more conscious of my days leading… to today. The week started at a wedding, as they often do. I photographed my very close friends’ wedding, I played my professional role, held it together the whole day, and when they sliced through their cake at the end of the evening I burst into tears. I was overwhelmed with the gift of sharing their moment. All their loved ones were surrounding them but through my lens it was just me, witnessing them as I know them so well and capturing it, forever. What a moment. I cherished it, I thought ‘this is good, I am lucky, I’m in a good place’.


The rest of the week went a little something like this. Booked a wedding, shot another wedding, booked another wedding, got dumped for the first time, had a melt down, booked a third wedding, and then hosted a dinner for 8. The very last day before today I squeezed in the beach with my pup, a dance class, visited the nursery, gardened, shopped, and went out with the girls. Man.

Maybe I was just keeping myself busy. Maybe I didn’t want to think that I had been rejected. I had wanted to cancel it all (well not the bookings!). I wanted to allow my sadness to swim a little in my heart, but that lasted no more then a few moments. I reminded myself of all the hard work I’ve put into success, relationships and that one magical word, happiness.


Today I turn 35 and I choose flight. I choose to soar uninhibited and free. I invite my fears to join me for the ride and the whirlwinds of my days to stir as they wish. Today I will fly.


“Flight is the hero– selfless and confident and unashamed. And invisibility, the villain.”

- John Hodgman (


Sibyl and Wixon Santa Monica Engagement Session

He needs her… and she needs him. And every moment before it all happened and in between is simply their story. I met Sibyl and Wixon over twenty years though we only became friends in the last four (we all went to the Millbrook School together). After having photographed their engagement session I realized that I only really know them now, and by them I mean as a unit, as they’re meant to be. It’s in their embraces, the smiles that they share only with each other that make me melt, and makes me feel so honored to be a part of their lives, and their wedding next week.


I love you both with all my heart and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in Santa Barbara next week, most of all I can’t wait to celebrate, you.

Susan and John Beverly Hills Wedding All Saints Episcopal Church W Hotel

Sometimes I wish I could hear wedding toasts and speeches at the beginning of a wedding day, because no matter how much I’ve learned about the couple I’m photographing, the real juice… the memories and stories told, connects me to their wedding with a ‘yes, I get it… I get them’. Susan and John’s wedding was no exception and I am so grateful to have been there not just to document their wedding day, but to witness it.


Susan and John had a sweet and personal afternoon ceremony at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, where they’re both members of the choir, and then celebrated with a cocktail reception at the W Hotel in Westwood. Good friends, loving family… what else can you ask for!! Congratulations Susan and John, from the bottom of my heart all the way to the top.

Bar Mitzvah Photography – Robinson’s Arch Jerusalem Israel

It’s an incredible experience to photograph milestone family events like Bar Mitzvahs, even more so when opportunity arrises to do it both in Los Angeles and Israel for the same family! I had the pleasure of photographing Elan’s local Bar Mitzvah a few months prior at Wilshire Boulevard Temple and at the UCLA Pauley Pavilion, and then again at Robinson’s Arch in Jerusalem. What an honor to spend the day not once but twice with such a fun loving family. Elan did such a superb job with his readings and seeing his delight with the musicians leading him to and from the wall, and to their luncheon at the Hotel Inbal was a true pleasure.


I often leave events like these feeling like I’m a part of the family I photographed, witnessing and documenting them at such momentous celebrations as a photojournalist allows me to really be a part of the celebrations myself and it’s one of the many reasons I love what I do so much. Elan and his family were no exception and I am honored and proud to have been there to document it all. Elan Mazal Tov, you have a wonderful family and it’s wonderful to have been a part of your Bar Mitzvah Celebrations!

Morgan and Cooper – Millbrook New York Wedding Photography

I feel I have a special bond with Morgan and Cooper. See, Morgan and I both went to The Millbrook School, a small college preparatory school in upstate New York. Although there at different times we both know many of the same people who both work(ed) and went to school there and most importantly we share the same nostalgic memories and the knowledge that Millbrook is a special place, which helped form who we are today.


I first met Morgan and Cooper when I flew out to the beautiful Boulder Colorado to photograph their engagement session. We explored their favorite spots with their (adorable!!) pup Rowdy, and though already excited to be photographing a fellow alumni’s wedding, I really fell in love while listening to how they met back east, about their journey as a couple, and about their lives in Boulder.


Photographing Morgan and Cooper’s wedding journey couldn’t have been sweeter, just as I had anticipated. Their day started off traditionally, getting ready at separate locations but unified, with the sweet letters they had written for each other. I was incredibly touched by Morgan and Coopers love for each other once more during their personally written vows, and even more so by their love for their family when Cooper invited his brother, and US Marine, and his wife to have their very own ‘first dance’,  having never had a wedding reception of their own. This was a highlight and I could melt all over again watching the love and gratitude everyone in the room felt.


Morgan and Cooper, it was an honor photographing your engagement session in Boulder, your ceremony at ‘our’ Millbrook School, and reception at the Millbrook Golf and Tennis Club. I hold you dear in my hearts and I look forward to witnessing many more of your milestones together. Congratulations with LOVE!!!

Destination Wedding Photography – Meredith and Justin’s Lake Tahoe wedding featured on Destination I DO !!

I am giddy with excitement to announce that Meredith and Justin’s Sugarbowl Lodge Destination Wedding in Lake Tahoe was featured on Destination I DO magazine this month! It is so wonderful to bring Meredith and Justin’s romantic, wild flowers and blues band infused outdoor mountainside wedding back to life. And what a sweet story to share! Thank you DID, I feel honored to be a part of your publication!